Martin talks about early-stage investing on a podcast

I caught up with the guys over at Sterling Coaching to talk about investing. Listen here.

show notes:

Episode 148 – Martin Tobias – Pitching For Investment, It Should Be ‘More Important Than The Air You Breathe’

Venture Capital Investment Tips with Martin Tobias

In order to start a business, you need money. While not everyone has the same resources at their disposal, there are some ways to fund your ideas. These include grants and loans from the government, venture capital, angel investors, friends, and family. Venture capitalists are the people who provide the money needed to start a new business. They invest in a company as long as they think it has the potential to be successful. They usually want to get their money back plus make more money on top of that. Join this conversation with Martin Tobias as he demystifies the subject of financing startups.

Martin is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist who has also invested directly in over 200 companies as an individual investor, over 30 running his own Venture fund Incisive Ventures, half a dozen as a venture partner at a major VC firm, and is a limited partner in over a dozen other VC funds. Martin has been a venture-funded CEO three times and has raised over $500M, including taking two companies public. Martin lives in Spokane, Washington, where he is married with three daughters and enjoys mountain biking, surfing, and working on motorcycles in his spare time.

Tune in!

In This Episode, You Will Learn About:

[01:24] Meet our today’s guest, Martin Tobias, and what he does in space

[02:31] Mountain biking experiences and tips from Martin

[05:37] What Martin is drinking during this episode and why

[06:47] Why Simon (Host) is so much of a coffee enthusiast

[08:17] The best coffee machines you can consider

[11:54] Incomparable benefits of fasting

[17:26] What Martin has lately fixed in his business

[20:29] The difference it has made in his venture capital business

[24:13] How you can connect with Martin

[28:04] Investment advice from Tobias to all investors

[32:15] This is where you can start if you want to get into investing

[36:00] What an intelligent CEO ought to do

[38:34] Takeaway lessons from Martin

[39:39] His coffee dream location with who and why

[40:18] Episode wrap up and calls to action

Notable Quotes

  • “If you want a quality product, spend more on it.”
  • “Your brain works much better during your body’s fat consumption mode.”
  • “The valuation of an asset is what someone is willing to pay for it.”
  • “Obstacles are not the problem to progress. It’s about your dedication.”
  • “There’s more money looking for startups. Position yourself to be seen.”

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