Martin talks about early-stage investing on a podcast

I caught up with the guys over at Sterling Coaching to talk about investing. Listen here. show notes: Episode 148 – Martin Tobias – Pitching For Investment, It Should Be ‘More Important Than The Air You Breathe’ Venture Capital Investment Tips with Martin Tobias In order to start a business, you need money. While not … Continue reading Martin talks about early-stage investing on a podcast

Investing in

One of the most powerful aspects of technology innovation built on inexpensive massive connectivity is its ability to democratize access to entire industries previously limited to the 1%. Private driver? Uber/Lyft. The best healthcare? Telemedicine. Personal shoppers + delivery? Amazon/eCommerce. Build your own data center? Buy what you need when you need it from a … Continue reading Investing in

Investing in Mango Sciences

Mango Sciences: Ensuring access to innovative, life-saving cancer care for everyone. The Story For a digital native like myself, contact with the Health Care system feels like going back in time (or sometimes getting shocked with a cattle prod). It is not just the ubiquitous circa 1980 user interface design, it is the stunning lack … Continue reading Investing in Mango Sciences

Investing in

Original Investment: April, 2021 If you asked me six months ago to invest in software for aviation, I would have said you are crazy. I would also have been wrong. Keith Rabois once tweeted: "Formula for startup success: Find large highly fragmented industry with low NPS; vertically integrate a solution to simplify value product." Portside … Continue reading Investing in