Incisive Ventures Pre-Seed founder reading list

Pre-Seed, before you have nailed product/market fit, is typically one of the most overwhelming times for Founders. Founders are grappling with wearing many hats and lots of new tactical challenges (fundraising, tools selection, hiring, legal, etc.). You are also typically very resource-constrained and face a ton of very consequential decisions with very little information. This … Continue reading Incisive Ventures Pre-Seed founder reading list

Fundraising stages defined (Angel/Pre-Seed/seed/Series A)

⚡ TLDR: “Pre-Seed” can mean many different things. Here is how Incisive Ventures defines Pre-Seed. MVP in the market for > 3 months, initial customer traction. Way back in 2004 when I was at Ignition Partners, we led the$4.6M Series A for Docusign, the first institutional money into the pre-revenue company. Oh, how times have … Continue reading Fundraising stages defined (Angel/Pre-Seed/seed/Series A)

Martin talks about early-stage investing on a podcast

I caught up with the guys over at Sterling Coaching to talk about investing. Listen here. show notes: Episode 148 – Martin Tobias – Pitching For Investment, It Should Be ‘More Important Than The Air You Breathe’ Venture Capital Investment Tips with Martin Tobias In order to start a business, you need money. While not … Continue reading Martin talks about early-stage investing on a podcast

The Great Asset Repricing – Again

As the public markets have been flashing red lately, my email and DM inboxes have been crammed full of various forms of "What does this mean for early-stage venture investors?" 240 characters won't do this topic justice, so here are some personal thoughts informed by over three decades of early-stage investing. These comments are from … Continue reading The Great Asset Repricing – Again

Investing in

One of the most powerful aspects of technology innovation built on inexpensive massive connectivity is its ability to democratize access to entire industries previously limited to the 1%. Private driver? Uber/Lyft. The best healthcare? Telemedicine. Personal shoppers + delivery? Amazon/eCommerce. Build your own data center? Buy what you need when you need it from a … Continue reading Investing in

Investing in Mango Sciences

Mango Sciences: Ensuring access to innovative, life-saving cancer care for everyone. The Story For a digital native like myself, contact with the Health Care system feels like going back in time (or sometimes getting shocked with a cattle prod). It is not just the ubiquitous circa 1980 user interface design, it is the stunning lack … Continue reading Investing in Mango Sciences

Investing in

Original Investment: April, 2021 If you asked me six months ago to invest in software for aviation, I would have said you are crazy. I would also have been wrong. Keith Rabois once tweeted: "Formula for startup success: Find large highly fragmented industry with low NPS; vertically integrate a solution to simplify value product." Portside … Continue reading Investing in