Announcing IV Scout Program

International Scout

Angel investing is a team sport. Many Limited Partners, Founders, friends across our larger network have asked how they can help bring the best companies to Incisive Ventures.  Our answer is the Incisive Ventures Upgraded Scout Program. 

When you help us source a great company we invest in, we share the carry and you get more money into a company you love.   Anyone can be a Scout, the only requirement is that we invest in a company you introduced to us that we didn’t otherwise know. We prefer seed and pre-seed, but will consider any stage and any geography as long as there is a good fit with our Meta Themes.

How to Scout for IV:

  • Send us an email making your incisive, personal case for why this investment meets our Meta Themes and would fit through our funnel. Be sure to include:
    1. The size of your personal check.
    2. 3-6 bullet points similar to the TL;DR section of our investment memos.
    3. Your personal insight to Management, product/market fit, traction, and co-investors. 
    4. Explain how the company fits into our Meta Themes, from your perspective.
  • We will review and tell you if we want to move forward typically within a week.

Benefits of being an IV Scout:

  • With the IV backing, you get more money and our value added network dedicated to companies you have a high degree of conviction on.
  • We share our syndicate carry as a success fee when we invest within 3 months of the introduction.

If you are connected to a great company that fits our Meta Themes and how we filter the funnel, send it over! Become an Incisive Ventures Scout. The team wins.

Incisive Ventures reserves the right to update terms and conditions for the Scout Program at any time. Current program details here.

PS: Another hat tip to Peter over at Unpopular Ventures for the inspiration of this syndicate upgrade.

PPS: Why a picture of a truck? I love them! International Harvester Scout.

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