Announcing IV Preferred LP program

For those investors who want to beat the crowds, today we are announcing our Preferred Limited Partner Program. Peter over at Unpopular Ventures runs a very good syndicate and I thank him for the inspiration of this syndicate upgrade.

In the past, in order to get access to all on-thesis investments from a Venture Fund or a Syndicate Rolling Fund, investors are asked to pay management fees AND carry. This always seemed odd to me. As an investor, I make a long-term capital commitment which helps the lead get into more deals, and you DOUBLE my fees? The lead is getting secure capital and I always thought investor fees should go down. Now, with the Incisive Ventures Preferred LP program, you get lower fees and many other benefits. Since I started the syndicate with a bunch of friends whom I have been investing with a long time, we have been piloting this since the beginning. We are now ready to consider new Preferred Limited Partners. Connect and let’s discuss.

Preferred Limited Partners commit to:

  • Invest a minimum amount into every IV syndicate deal (minimum $5,000) over at least a 12 month period.
  • Preferred LPs are able to opt out of any deal in which you have a personal or values based conflict, just drop me an email.
  • IV is a high conviction syndicate and we expect to do 5-7 deals a year.

What Preferred Limited Partners receive:

  • Reduced management fees
  • Reduced per deal carry syndicate investments.
  • Early access to every deal (we will email you first)
  • Guaranteed allocation of your Preferred LP commitment in every deal. No more getting cut back in oversubscribed deals.
  • Preferred access to the Incisive Ventures team.

If you agree with our Meta Themes and how we filter the funnel, join my long-time investing partners and put a portion of your angel investing allocation on auto-pilot. Become an Incisive Ventures Preferred LP. Let’s connect.

Incisive Ventures reserves the right to update terms and conditions for the Preferred Limited Partner program at any time. Current program terms here.

UPDATE: July 2021. With the launch of the IV Access FUND and a higher pace of deals (15-20 per year), we are now managing the Preferred LP program through that vehicle.

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