Investing in Goodable.TV

Goodable.TV: Where good things happen. AKA Headspace for News. Goodable.TV is a pre-seed technology company building an AI-powered application to deliver positive and inspiring news stories. The News Sucks. 90% of the news is driven by fear and negativity and > 40% of people currently suffer from anxiety and depression. While many wring their hands, … Continue reading Investing in Goodable.TV

Investing in Unlu

Why we Invested in Unlu Unlu: Celebrity driven full stack learning and engagement platform. Unlu is the leading celebrity-driven learning platform in India for the creator economy. By combining celebrity-created classes, community engagement, live events, and career opportunities, Unlu is delivering a full-stack solution to aspiring creators. The celebrity leverage has enabled amazing traction with … Continue reading Investing in Unlu

Minimalist CEO update for investors

In my startup investment portfolio, I have found a strong positive correlation between CEOS that regularly communicate with investors and company performance. As a CEO myself when I felt "too busy" to provide regular updates it was usually a sign of avoidance and focusing on the wrong things. The #1 job of an early-stage startup … Continue reading Minimalist CEO update for investors