Incisive (adj): Intelligently analytical and clear-thinking: accurate and sharply focused.

Hello! I am Martin Tobias, the founder of Incisive Ventures. Over decades of investing, I have identified seven meta themes and developed a screening process that successfully identified outlier companies and founders.

Incisive Ventures is a Pre-Seed Fund in Seattle to invest in technology companies that reduce friction at scale, leveraging the partner’s network built as an angel investor in 60+ companies in the sector, including 4 unicorns, that secured $2.5B+ in follow-on financing. I have noticed that some of the most transformative technology companies fundamentally reduce friction at scale. Amazon: frictionless shopping. Uber: frictionless transportation.

I am a serial entrepreneur who has also invested in over 250 companies as an angel, half a dozen as a venture partner at a major VC firm, and I am a limited partner in over a dozen VC funds. I am also the Founder of a leading Angel network, Element8. As a 3x venture-backed CEO with experience from Microsoft and Accenture, I have raised over $500M (including two IPOs) for my own companies. I have found that this unique combination of investing in and operating early-stage technology companies gives me an advantage in working with founders and securing follow-on financing in the most transformative early-stage technology companies.