Incisive (adj): Intelligently analytical and clear-thinking: accurate and sharply focused.

Hello! I am Martin Tobias, the founder of Incisive Ventures. Over 25 years of investing, I have identified seven meta themes and developed a screening process that has produced superior returns. This process has grown out of analysis of hundreds of investments and what has been common among the winners in their characteristics and my decision process. My direct investments have delivered 3x the returns versus my LP interests in other Venture funds, leading many to encourage me to syndicate deals through Incisive Ventures. Out of hundreds of deals across my desk, only a handful, the ones I am most confident of a > 10x return, will be offered to Incisive Ventures LPs. I invest a significant portion of each syndicate (typically 10-20%), so you can have confidence that our interests are aligned.

I am a serial entrepreneur who has also invested in over 200 deals as an angel, half a dozen as a venture partner at a major VC firm, and I am a limited in over a dozen VC funds. I am also the Founder of a leading Angel network, Element8. For my own companies as a 3x CEO, I have raised over $500M (including two IPOs) and bring all that experience and relationships.

Incisive Ventures is a high conviction, low volume, thematic investor. Many of the founders I am betting on are prior relationships building their second, third, or fourth companies. I am personally invested in every deal and I will only invest in opportunities in which I have the utmost conviction. Join us and get access to our network of ideas, investors, entrepreneurs, and opportunities.